TEPT Data Services Recruitment :: Openings

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Job Name
Translation of one a page or more from one language to another.
US$ 10-30 Page
This job requires an editor to make necessary amendments, modification, and correction wherever required in an article or an story which is to be published in a magazine or other related publication material.  
US$ 10-75 Per Page
Preparing PowerPoint Slides with proper animation tools.
US$ 10-15 Per PPT
Entering Data in to Excel Sheets
US$ 0.5-0.75 Per Cell
Checking articles, contents for its correctness and grammatical errors.
US$ 8-10 Per page
Projects will be sent to you via email and you have to type them in MS-Word and upload them back to our server after that.
US$ 3-5 Per page
Typing directly on our server while sitting at your home/other place in real time.
US$ 4-6 Per page
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