Online Translation Job

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Job Profile
  • We have an offer for our language translators, a wide range of translation work. We have a large outsourcing business client's criteria and they need to translation work to us. For ex. most industries have a need for this type of service. The legal field has the need for the translation of depositions, petitions, court records, and court proceedings. Law enforcement may need to have statements translated and the medical field frequently needs medical records and notes translated. Other examples of industries that benefit form document translation services are insurance and financial companies, as well as the media.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Good command on more than two language. Good grammatical knowledge
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and other applications related to this work 
  • Basic knowledge of Internet.
  • Per page Rate : US$ 10-30 Per page (a page equals to 2000 words)
  • Age limit : you should be 14 yrs or older to apply for this job category.

Sample work

  • Payments are made to you on15th of every month. Payment mode are available by Cheque, Online fund transfer and Paypal.

How to Join

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